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Who we are?

Skyline Unmanned Systems is a company localized in UK and in Italy.

We are a Drone Pilots Training Center recognized by Italian Civil Aviation Authority with ref. ENAC.CA.APR.043.


Localized between Bari and Matera, Drone Academy is the nearest practical training center from Bari Airport in an uncontrolled airspace

The goal is to constantly follow the regulatory developments for VLOS and BVLOS applications, because our airfield has a perfect geographical location both for training and experimentation.


The mission is to constantly improve our training processes so as to provide training courses at the highest quality levels

Performing distance learning as well as on-site training involves the offer of training services related to both multi-rotors up to 25 kg and fixed-wing drones up to 4 kg, both in urban and extra-urban areas. In the coming months the process will also include the BVLOS

E-Learning Training Courses

mandatory and specific training courses for drone pilots and operators

Planned Courses

RPAS Operator (4 hrs)

Program: Aeronautical Organizations and Bodies; regulatory sources; definitions and acronyms. Italian legislation on the use of RPASs: hierarchy of regulatory, circular and explanatory notes; Air rules, VFR rules, RPA rules (VLOS, E-VLOS, B-VLOS), Subdivision of Airspace –Papa, Romeo, Delta, NOTAM, AIP Privileges and limitations of the APR Certificate / Pilot License; duties and responsibilities of the RPAS Pilot / operator. Documents: Flight Manual, Insurance, Pilot Log Book, Technical Log Book APR, Operating Manual. Infractions and sanctions; data protection and Privacy. Flight accidents and incidents: reporting patterns.

No Critical Operations Training Course (16 hrs)

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Meteorology (2 hrs)

General Notions; atmosphere; clouds; wind; visibility in flight and on the ground, fog and mist, METAR and TAF.

Flight Performances and Planning (6 hrs)

Principles of aerodynamics: lift and resistance; Principles of flight of the APR: fixed wing, helicopter, multicopter, airship. Axes of rotation and movements in flight Weights and centering, payload, limitations. Flight envelope, effect of altitude and temperature, failsafe command override. Flight procedures and phases: check list, pre / post flight, emergency maneuvers, flight termination, command override, flight termination systems Evolution and forecast of weather phenomena; weather reports; orographic influence On-the-spot checks, landowner permits..

What people are saying

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Inna Darck

IOS Developer

[IT] Reputo il corso fondamentale per l’esercizio della professione di Pilota APR. L’istruttore è stato disponibile, effettuando addirittura un corso individuale. L’Esaminatore, esterno, si è comportato con professionalità, non solo verificando le  mie competenze, ma anche dandomi ulteriori suggerimenti per la mia futura attività professionale.


[EN] I consider the course fundamental for the exercise of the profession of RPA Pilot. The instructor was available, even taking an individual course. The examiner, external, behaved professionally, not only verifying my skills, but also giving me further suggestions for my future professional activity.


Drone Pilot

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Anna Doe

Software Developer

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